A peek into an ancient dance ritual that few Westerners have seen.
West African architecture is based on the cultural heritage, urbanism and environment of the region.
Access to the hilltop town is by foot through winding cuts in the rock formations.
Music is an intregal part of Senegalese way of life and culture. Mamadou Waflash is a modern performance band. Mamadou sings in Wolof, French, and English and utiltzes indigineous instruments such as the calabash, gondi and balafon.
West African textile artists are happy to share information on how they create the pigments to permanently dye their designs into fabric.
From the rooftop one can view maze-like streets and unique natural architecture.
Traditional Art on the walls of hillside cliffs capture the spirit of West African culture.
A panorama of a community that coexists with the surrounding landscape.